Digital Marketing Trends from the Perspective of the Modern Investor.

If it weren’t for investors, most of the tools and toys we interact with every day would never have existed. The iPhone applications we swipe and double tap on every day, the computer program we use to keep our personal finances in check, even the office space that you are more than likely working out of right now –all wouldn’t exist without the intervention of an investor.

Even after investing in the initial product, however, the work of an investor is never done. Although companies receive the funds they desperately need to continue working through investors, they still need to be able to get the word out that their work exists and is in fact being done. This is where investing in digital marketing efforts kicks in, as traditional marketing methods are quickly becoming an ignored avenue for informing the public (not that we all don’t enjoy a smart billboard ad every now and again).


What to look for as an Investor in Digital Marketing.

You are an informed investor who knows everything about the project you are looking to financially back. You believe in the product that the company receiving your given capital is working on, and believe that the product has solid potential to becoming a game-changer to society as we currently know it. It’s a sure win as an investor, and is more than likely to take the small startup venture behind the product and make it into a unicorn, an overnight billionaire company.

But before you can whole heartedly give your financial backing to a company, you need to know how to get your product and backed company out there, and that is where investing in digital marketing comes into the picture.

It might be the knee-jerk reaction to hire out the services of a digital marketing firm to get the ground work of advertising out of the way, but there is much more that comes with investing into a digital marketing firm than comes with outsourcing a few tasks out to a firm.

When you as an investor invest into a digital marketing firm, you are not hiring the firm to tackle the work of message outreach –you are pushing them and making it more possible than ever to find ways to get the word out using methods that so far have not been done. By investing in a firm rather than hiring, you are making it possible to expand the scope of what a firm can do already and propel them to be able to research and apply new methods and practices to the art of marketing and advertising. By investing you are getting so much more out of the firm than the bare minimum or expected task fulfilment. You are inciting them to do more than any other firm could do for you.

Use Existing Trends and Invest in New Ones.

Here in the digital age, we have it easier than ever to have transparency of information from all sides, not just the decision makers or influencers. As a user of digital marketing techniques, checking in on progress and results is as easy as hopping online and looking over the latest statistics. You can see before and after data on how popular your investment is by either looking over a given report, or by skimming through the many online dashboards of compiled marketing data breakdowns through easy to use online platforms such as SimilarWeb.

By taking advantage of such digital marketing trends, you can examine if there is a growing fan base for your product and for your backed company, examine the response of its presence as it hits the marketplace, and can keep up with its growth in real time. You can also see what the responses and given feedback is like for the product from anywhere around the world, and you can use all that information, complaints or praises, to better your product and strengthen your fan base. All by applying the already existing trends of digital marketing.

By investing in digital marketing firms, you can take advantages of these tools, but also push the initiative to find new and better ways to further the reach of your marketing efforts in a way the competition cannot. All because you decided to invest rather than hire out.


Digital Marketing Investors are looking for companies that aim to reinvent business.

Investors are not looking to buy more wheels –they are looking for new and improved ways to use the wheel. Big or small, investors are risk takers, and playing it consistently safe is not risk taking. Investors are constantly looking for ways to look at the landscape and reinvent how it works, and by investing in digital marketing firms, that reinventing process is taking place.

Don’t only use the tools that are available –invest in ways to improve the them.